Awards – Matteo Lomonte Photography

Matteo Lomonte is a member of the most important associations of international wedding photographers:

ANFM (National Association of Wedding photographers)

ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers)-

– Fearless Photographers 

WPS (Wedding Photographer Select)

– Master of Italian Wedding Photography


On this page are collected the awards received over time by Matteo Lomonte.



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awards anfm

The National Wedding Photography Association (ANFM) is made up of over 500 professional photographers in the wedding industry.

All have been selected to ensure professional quality and professionalism by an internal commission that bases its choices on precise requirements: technical mastery; style and creativity of the highest level; own internet site on top-level personal staff (so not inside portals, for example); presenting on the site at least 50 wedding photographs.

awards ispwp

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.

Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.

In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.

awards fearless

is a unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day.

awards wps

Wedding Photography Select (WPS) was set up one early afternoon in 2011 by a former wedding photographer and his partner. With an idea in our heads and a bee in our bonnet, we began to brainstorm ideas and began badly coding up a website.

Realising the gap in the market for a wedding portal in the UK with the very best wedding photography in the world, the site was born. WPS has become much more than it was originally intended to be, growing month after month, showcasing the very best wedding photographers and wedding photography around the world. A lot of mistakes have been made and a lot of mistakes will continue to be made but that doesn’t stop us.

Originally WPS was created as a UK based wedding directory but over the years has grown internationally. We have worked hard to bring you the very best wedding photography in the world and we continue to work hard making WPS a better site and the only site to visit to find your wedding photographer. As the site grows you will find a wealth of information to help you plan your big day.

At WPS we believe in inspirational wedding photography. We also believe that everyone has the right to a wedding photographer for their big day no matter how big or small the budget.

awards mywed

MyWed is one of the largest wedding photography community in the world with nearly 50,000 members


BOWP is a premier, invitation-only directory of top wedding photographers. Our mission is simple: provide a single place where brides and members of the photography industry can go to quickly identify the outstanding wedding photographers in any market globally.

BOWP is among the most selective groups of wedding photographers in the industry. We look for photographers who are leaders in the field, combining stunning quality and style of imagery with tremendous business success and recognition by brides, fellow photographers, and others in the wedding industry.